Wonder – Chords of Truth



In early 2013 after releasing the critically acclaimed “Reflections Project” involving collaboration with 14 producers that generated 57 electronic remixes spanning the genres of Dubstep, House, Trance, Folktronica, Hip Hop, and more… from the 7 original acoustic folk songs, Chords of Truth packed up his car and hit the road.

Traveling from city to city performing, writing songs and working on business projects along the way has led him to Los Angeles; where he is now recording his unreleased songs in Redondo Beach with his friend/partner/producer Jef Joslin.

Starting with the new single “Wonder“, Chords of Truth will be consistently releasing new singles over the coming months followed by a full length self-titled album. “Wonder” is intended to be a song of hope, inspiration and action concerning the future of our civilization.

Sleeping Bag Studios recently wrote that “Sweet intentions, melody, harmonies and ambitions flare in the new single “Wonder”.   With JamSphere Magazine stating, “Chords of Truth is actually looking up, when relating his ever-literate tale of down-on-their-luck characters and people who could change the world given the opportunity.”

Chords of Truth has toured a variety of cities throughout the United States playing countless shows and is currently booking shows in the Los Angeles, CA area.


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