Q-Xtra – Do Your Own Thang



Q-Xtra, also known simply as Q, is a young upcoming solo rap artist/songwriter/producer and founder of Tri-State Farari Boyz. Hailing out of central New Jersey, Q has mastered the perfect combination of solid lyricism and simplistic, but insanely catchy and infectious hooks. With an extremely distinguished sound ranging from everything to the likes of Future to J.Cole, Q is easily recognized as another rising star in today’s urban music industry. Not only does his music describe the materialistic drug and sex induced pleasures of living life like a rap rock star, but it also vividly tells the story of struggle, hardship and the reality of growing up black and poverty stricken. The theme of coming from nothing and turning into something is constant throughout Q’s work. It’s not hard to tell why he may soon be considered one of hip-hop’s dopest and most exciting artist to watch.


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